Physician Advisory in Clinical Documentation improvement, the PA-CDI℠ by Second Medical Opinions PLC

The Physician Advisory in Clinical Documentation Improvement PA-CDI℠ service of Second Medical Opinions PLC is designed to provide hospitals with professional advise regarding CDI. Proper clinical documentation improves patient outcomes (by improving communication between healthcare providers), data quality (for legal and research purposes), and accurate reimbursement (by reflecting the exact illness severity of the patients).

A physician will be available to the Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDS) to answer their questions and review specific charts that may need clarification. The physician will also contact the providers in order to maximize the concurrent query responses. In addition to that, educational sessions are offered to residents, advanced practice providers and physicians. One-on-one education sessions with providers are also part of the service. Finally, specific strategies to deal with specific problems of a particular institution will be coordinated with the appropriate hospital department. Examples of departments that usually need coordination in order to achieve CDI are Case Management, HIM, Nutrition, Hospitalists, etc.


Summary of PA-CDI℠ service

– Physician availability for CDS’s for answering questions and chart reviews.
– Physician contacting providers to maximize compliance with concurrent query responses.
– Development of educational sessions for residents, advanced practice providers and physician staff.
– One on one sessions by appointment with specific providers to address CDI issues.
– Development of specific strategies with different hospital departments for CDI purposes.
– Creation of a monthly Newsletter.


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