Second Medical Opinions, PLC, was created for people who have received professional medical advice, but need and want further information

The interaction between a doctor and their patients these days is sometimes too brief or limited, and the person seeking answers is left with unanswered questions…and needs further advice.

Or the person needing advise is facing very sensitive topics, such as dialysis, chemotherapy, chronic infectious illnesses, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, chronic auto immune conditions…and needs reassurance.

Second Medical Opinions, PLC, is designed for people:

  • With unanswered questions
  • Who want a medical second opinion
  • Who seek new ideas from up-to-date physicians and specialists
  • Who need reassurance

We offer a growing panel of board certified physicians and specialists. They will dedicate time to talk to our clients, analyze the pertinent health data received through a HIPAA compliant secure fax system and provide answers in a written report, in a timely way.

For further questions, please call us at (855) 798-3261 or email us to